We will recover more money due you by insurance companies in less time than it takes you now, and at less cost than you are now spending.  We will free your current office staff for more vital issues.  Your staff will have more time to concentrate on important issues instead of wasting time on mundane detail work.
  • The national average of claims initially submitted on paper ever getting paid is only 70%.  We average 98% with electronic submission.
  • The national average for insurance company reimbursement is 30 - 60 - 90 days - or longer.  We can have your money back on the average of 14 -18 days with electronic submission.  Faster reimbursement means improved cash flow, lower outstanding receivables, and better capital utilization.
  • Our software does extensive checking prior to submission of your claim which helps to ensure maximum reimbursement.  Claims are "made payable" before being submitted to insurance companies.  We dramatically reduce suspended and rejected claims resulting in much less hassle with insurance companies.
  • We process your claims with guaranteed 98% accuracy.  If your claim is suspended or rejected by the insurance company, we'll handle the followup - not your staff.
  • By relying on our expertise, you and your staff will be relieved from the responsibility to stay current with the ever-changing federal regulations and commercial insurance specifications.
  • The national average to process a claim is $8.00 to $10.00.  We can save you 50% or more of what it now costs you.
Our services are customized for your needs.  We offer billing flexibility.  You choose a per claim fee, set fee, or percentage method.

Win-win relationships are long-lasting.  That's what we are looking for with you.  We will guarantee our service:

  • Mention offer code "DRS" at time of registration to receive a $50 enrollment credit !
  • Risk Free
  • No obligation


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