HIPAA is an acronym which should be familiar to you. It stands for the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act.  It is legislation enacted in August 1996 which affects all “covered entities”, essentially all healthcare providers, health plans, and intermediaries (billing services, clearinghouses, claims administrators, etc).

DARA Medical Billing Services has issued a general HIPAA statement which has been published on our website.  This statement communicates our compliance with the finalized regulations and our efforts to progress toward regulations which are not yet finalized.  One of the requirements of HIPAA is to provide “business associates” and “trading partners” with a statement of compliance.  As a link in our customers “chain of trust”, it is important to know DARA Medical Billing Services is in compliance with the finalized regulations.

While our compliance is necessary for our customers healthcare practices since we are indeed either a “business associate” or “trading partner” as defined by HIPAA, DARA Medical Billing Services’ compliance does not necessarily mean a healthcare provider’s practice is alleviated from being compliant in and of itself.  Indeed, there are specific regulations which are solely directed to the administration and management of the information within your office.

We encourage you to take steps to become compliant if you have not already done so.  If you have already taken steps to become compliant, it is vital for you to maintain your compliance.  Violations are punishable by monetary fines and possible exclusion from health plans – particularly Medicare and Medicaid.

DARA Medical Billing Services is offering a comprehensive program to assist healthcare providers in achieving compliance.  The program results in a customized compliance plan for your practice.  While this program is being offered to the general population of healthcare providers, prioritized service and discounted pricing is available to our customers.  To qualify for the discounted offering, you must enroll your practice for our claims processing service.  A deposit will be required to reserve your appointment for the HIPAA compliance program.  Enclosed you will find a summary of this offering along with our fee schedules for your review.

We will work with you and your staff to produce a policy and procedure manual which satisfies your HIPAA compliance requirements in any or all of the program areas.   We guarantee your satisfaction of our services, or you pay nothing.  Our business is the welfare of your business.


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